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The New Wiradjuri Dictionary

Upgrades to popular App that saves and teaches users Indigenous Australian language and culture.

TLDRAndroid App users need to remove their current version and download the new version from the Google Play Store.

Wiradjuri Country – 02/05/2016 – The Wiradjuri Dictionary app has been receiving rave reviews from communities within Australia and the world. Never one to rest on our laurels we at RegenR8 have been busy developing upgrades and improvements guided by the community to constantly improve the culturally appropriate language application.

The current upgrade now allows users to search in language and includes performance improvements.

The new version coming soon offers improved user interface, user experience, performance/speed and image/audio caching processes. Unbeknown to the user the app also includes backend modifications that include bug fixes, performance and security updates.

Android Users

Android users will be required to download the new version of the app from the Google Play Store. The old version needs to be removed manually first. Once the new version is installed, all future updates will happen via the Google Play Store update system as expected. The current version will continue to function for the moment, but images and audio will be watermarked to inform the users of the required upgrade.

iOS Users

iOS users do not need to remove the app. The update is available via the App Store already, simply check for app updates and run them.

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