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TAP: Tool, App, Portal

TAP is our language collection, documentation and distribution infrastructure. It consists of a set software solutions: Collection Tool, Mobile Apps & Learning Portal. Hmmm, how best to explain..maybe a short informational video will do the trick best!

Collection Tool

collection tool screenshot

Our collection tool is a custom built desktop application that allows our users to easily document and digitise languages and maintain them on an ongoing basis. Users are able to add and edit entries as they like and manage their dictionaries that are incorporated into our TAP system.

We have included a built in audio recording interface to allow users to record an english and language snippet to attach to the dictionary item to help better document the language with correct pronunciation. Included is a phonetic entry item to also help with pronunciation. Images are also able to be attached, and dictionary items may be categorised into categories (Nature, Family etc) and word types (Noun, Adjective etc).

The collection tool can be utilised with our specifically designed language recording packs that include high quality audio recording equipment.

Mobile Apps

We see access to language as an essential tool in revitalisation of the language. Our language apps allow the public to access the Indigenous Languages securely stored in our TAP system easily on their platform of choice, whether that be an iOS, Android or Windows device.

Our apps allow for simple customisations for each language group to ensure they give their users a unique and relevant experience. Check some our released apps already available to the public.

Currently we provide dictionary apps with our TAP system, but we do have other language centric apps that in the development. These apps will become instantly available to all out TAP language groups once released.

mobile language apps on tablet and mobile

Learning Portal

tap learning portal on computer, tablet and mobile

The portal is utilised as an educational resource. We’ve integrated several key features with more in development.

A master apprentice style learning approach makes it easy for teachers and students to interact and for teachers to track students progress through the learning resources available.

Teacher and student chat allows students to chat directly with their teachers to reach out for education guidance with the materials.

Quizzes ensure the student’s skills are examined so teachers can address specific weak points for individual students to make sure they are getting the most out of the educational experience.

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