Is your Community or Language Group interested in working with us?

Below is some information and an explainer video about what we do.

In essence we help communities and language groups by empowering with them technology. We make no decisions regarding cultural appropriateness, content or direction. We simply advise on the technical aspects and discuss how technology and RegenR8 can help you move closer to your goals.

RegenR8’s goal is to document, revitalise, reclaim and rescue Indigenous languages that are in danger of being lost forever

We’ve developed a language collection tool for the documentation and preservation of languages at a risk of being lost forever. With our tool you can record, organise and store your language work to our specifically designed secured keeping place.

A dictionary app organised by letter, common phrases, categories and images (the traditional search). All documenting clear and precise pronunciations of the words by culturally appropriate language speakers.

And finally a master apprentice style learning portal. Complete with admin, teacher and student users. Controlled by the language reference group and allowing students access to learning materials, teacher chat, quizzes and much more.

A Tool, App and Portal. All working with complete integration. We call this system T.A.P.

Our method of language revival is like a glass of water.
Technology, the ‘glass’ is owned by RegenR8.
The language, ‘water’. Is controlled by the reference group and owned by the community. We own the glass you own the water and the language reference group can take it out at any time.

And most importantly there’s no IP issues.The information is always owned by community and controlled by the reference group.

More users leads to more language speakers. More language speakers leads to the revival of a strong Indigenous culture for future generations.

We are currently working with over 10 language groups through out Australia while setting up a permanent RegenR8 base on Wiradjuri country in Wagga Wagga NSW. This will be a hub for language, culture, entertainment and music. A place for culturally appropriate documentation, planning and growth for future generations.

To discuss your goals and how RegenR8 may be able to help, please fill out the contact form below.

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